Near the Big Chakra


Dir. , Silent 00:17:00

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Explores a portion of the infinite variety of the human body. In Hindu philosophy, the chakra is an energy center. The second chakra is in the genital region. This film is a silent, straightforward, unhurried view of 36 women's genitals. The women range in age from six months to 56 years. Many thoughts and events led to the creation of this film, primary among them was the realization that very seldom does anyone see a woman's vagina and clitoris in detail, least of all herself. This film is important it its documentary and unhurried look at the vulva and for the sense it gives to women of their individual genital uniqueness. For any woman who has wondered whether her genitals are standard, unusual, rare, or unique, here is a movie that gives you some others to compare with. The film never romanticizes - no soft focus, no dissolves, no violins - Great Hera! I loved it! -- Deanne Taylor, Toronto Women and Film
[Source: Filmforum Program Notes, 8/26/1977]