Dir. , 16mm Color Sound

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This film celebrates weddings and being wed, and the union of opposites in everything everywhere. It is my alchemical testament to the mystery of Yang and Yin."With a strong feeling for the tension between wish and reality, NUPTIAE is a semi-home movie, beautifully casually photographed, about a mature couple who celebrate their wedding with a civil ceremony, a religious banquet, and a private beach ritual. Broughton's lucidity, even more than his lyricism, seems as much a function of what he sees as how he sees. Like all the best filmmakers, a love for reality makes him responsible, and he is tied to his world by bonds of gratitude." - Roger Greenspun, The New York Times"
One of Broughton's finest films." - P. Adams Sitney
Awards: First Prize, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1969; First Prize, Yale Film Festival, 1969.
[Source: Canyon Cinema Catalogue]

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Photography: Stan Brakhage, Music: Lou Harrison.