Project One


Dir. David Lourie, 16mm (originally 8mm) Color Sound 00:14:00

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A UCLA student film by David Lourie. Using a hand-built 8mm optical printer with which his original 8mm footage is step-printed, the filmartist has created a highly personal cinepoem dealing with the Oedipus complex, in which time and reality have been delayed and expanded into semi-abstract images of lyrical beauty. Winner of innumerable film festival awards. "David Lourie, a Los Angeles filmmaker, has made one of the most beautiful reexaminations of shot footage in his PROJECT ONE. Lourie slows down and color separates the elements of his original film, zooming in on each frame until the movements of grain dominates the picture. The informality of his source material, a figure in a domestic interior, then outside in a landscape, enhances the unexpected, mysterious quality of the images he draws from it. One interior has exactly the feeling of a Vuillard - the frames move with a slowness that Vuillard would certainly have appreciated." - David Curtis, EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA
[Source: Creative Film Society catalog, 1972]