Projection Instructions


Dir. Morgan Fisher, 16mm B/W Sound 00:04:00

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In PROJECTION INSTRUCTIONS, Morgan Fisher has created the perfect self-referential puzzle, starring three elements which are normally hidden in film: the script, the projector and its operator. This is a concise and witty performance piece, typical of Fisher's predilection for works involving specific time limits, as well as problem/solution formats. What one watches on the screen is totally dependent upon what occurs in the projection booth. Fisher is playing on our acceptance of a screening's invisible details which only are noticed when the image blurs, or other inconsistencies take over. The tension we experience waiting for someone to solve our visual problems is central here. The film is in the best Johnsian tradition, where the medium's physical properties have become the exclusive subject of the piece. PROJECTION INSTRUCTIONS could not exist as anything other than a film and this sense it is superbly modernist. - Beverly O'Neill
[Source: Filmforum Program Notes, 7/11/1977]