1975 - 1975

Dir. Jules Engel, 16mm B/W Sound 00:02:30

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[A] black and white system of optical conflict. The two massive black squares and the 'X' crossed black bars which slam against each other in white space eventually merge in uneasy superimposition (created optically by persistence of vision because of the rapid alternation of images, not printed in superimposition on the film) like a three-dimensional transparent box. --P. Adams Sitney
[Source: Janeann Dill "Jules Engel: an Artist's Monograph," 1998]

NOTE - A version of this film exists in color, and both the b/w and color versions have been screened together in Los Angeles. Due to the artist's wishes, the color version has been pulled for distribution, although it is available for reference/research purposes at the iotaCenter.

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Music: David Shoemaker