Runs Good

1971 - 1971

Dir. Pat O'Neill, 16mm Color Sound 00:13:00

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The award winning dadaistic collage film by one of the leaders of the West Coast New American Cinema Movement. A surrealistic social satire in which everyday images are optically combined with equally everyday but heretofore unrelated images in uninhibited juxtaposition. 'RUNS GOOD is both the simplest and most complex of O'Neill's works. He simply combines various levels of ordinary, almost conceptual images, slightly increasing the contrast in the printing to maintain their individual readability, then reveals their rhythms by the relative speeds and rapidity with which they appear. At one moment one is watching a rodeo seen through the body of a go-go girl, plus a striptease artist pumping and grinding, plus a motorboat and a plane passing through at different speeds. The fact that such apparently unrelated and potentially unprepossessing material can be aesthetically satisfying is some measure of O'Neill's kinetic mastery.' - David Curtis "Experimental Cinema". ADULT
[Source: Creative Film Society Catalog, 1975]