Dir. , 16mm Color & B/W Sound 00:08:00

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A UCLA student film by Rob Thompson. A semi-abstract cinepoem using high contrast black and white images and stylized color effects to capture the mood of an industrial area in Southwest Los Angeles. The film is reminiscent in style and artistic effectiveness of the work of Pat O'Neill and Scott Bartlett, particularly their 7362 and METANOMEN, and is highly recommended as the largest example of this sort of psychedelic-surreal filmartistry. Winner of innumerable 1971 film festival awards. 'A semi-abstract interpretation of the industrial area of Southwest Los Angeles. The oil pumps, furnaces, chimneys and towers become elements of design as they are explored in the start black-and-white contrast or brilliantly hued processed negative images. The student filmmaker has effectively utilized a dissonant musical score to emphasize the continual activity and ceaseless pulsation of modern machinery.' - AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, 'THE BOOKLIST'.
[Source: Creative Film Society Catalog, 1975]