1969 - 1969

Dir. Pat O'Neill, 16mm Color Silent 00:04:00

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“’Screen’ was installed in the Wight Galleries at UCLA in January 1969 as a part of the exhibition “Electric Art”. It was back-projected through a square opening into a darkened room. The projected image was a 16mm Kodachrome print, looped, three and a half minutes in duration.
“The image was made, initially, by spray painting a pattern of random dots on a strip of clear 16mm leader. The resulting film was contact printed on black and white stock to make several masters, which were subsequently optically printed, using colored gels, to color stock. My intent was to generate a series of moving color images, all based on the same original few seconds of cameraless “picture”. I was interested in the apparent motion arising from a totally random field. In some of these images, clusters of ragged shapes appear to rotate or form circular channels. None of these were planned or anticipated. The square format was chosen in order to avoid some learned response to the cinema screen.” [Source: Pat O'Neill]