Some Won't Go


Dir. , 16mm B/W Sound 00:50:00

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A probing documentary film on the draft situation as experienced by the various types of people directly affected by it. The film lets each man speak for himself, in his own way, from his own experiences: the young man in the service who has gone AWOL; the young man doing alternative service; the young men who fled to Canada; the young man who resists because his best friend died in Vietnam; the young and old who resist because of ideological opposition to the Vietnam war in particular and/or killing in general. Every level of draft resistance is explored, from the uncertain young potential draftee to spiritual, legal and religious counselors, to scenes of police violence against organized demonstrations, to the breaking of bread in church serice where silver chalices are used for the buring of draft cards
[Source: Creative Film Society Catalog, 1975]

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Editor: Paul W. Decker, David Gillis, Ted Grossbart, Rea Rabinowitz