Sr. Tereshkova

1974 - 1984

Dir. , Super8 B/W Silent 00:10:00

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SR. TERESHKOVA (1974) written and directed by Humberto Sandoval and filmed by Gamboa, tells the story of an old shop-keeper who is drawn into a series of dreams by a mannequin in his shop. In one he becomes a thief who robs Valdez and her family; in another he attacks Valdez; and in he stabs HerrĂ³n, then chases him through the streets and tunnels of downtown L.A. When he wakes up in fear, he is himself petrified into a mannequin, while the original mannequin rides away on a bicycle. Much later, Gamboa edited SR. TERESHKOVA with titles, and in 1985 it was transferred to video and broadcast on cable television.
[Source: David James "The Most Typical Avant-Garde," 2005]

Other Credits

Gronk, Willie Herron, Patsi Valdez, Cinematographer: Harry Gamboa Jr.