Dir. David Wilson, 16mm Color Sound 00:08:00

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The original camera footage for STASIS is an 8-minute, 8:1 camera zoom. That footage was then printed with an equal but complimentary optical zoom resulting in an image of apparent stillness. Stasis is the image of the stillness in motion. Stasis counterpoints the movements of running water in a stream within a still-camera shot, with a steady zoom from without the filmed image (including subtle sprocket holes and frame lines) to a close-up within the image. [Source: UNKNOWN]A zoom-out camera shot of a stream in Western Colorado is compensated for by a reverse zoom in rephotography. The tension between these movements creates a drama and a commentary on cinematic illusionism. -Roberta Friedman
[Source: Filmforum Program Notes, 7/11/1984]