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1972 - 1973

Dir. Ken Feingold, 16mm Color Sound 00:07:00

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In three parts. First we see a series of very brief shots of city street corners, taken with a stationary camera. The shots are separated by black leader, and, in each, either people or automobiles pass quickly through the field of view. Then comes a sequence of longer shots identical to those of the first group except that they contain no movement. These are separated from each other by a cap being placed over the lens, and each is internally divided by a brief section of black leader. The third section is a series of shots made in new locations, but which are internally complete and contain no movement. During each shot of this last group, a voice-over lists the people and cars that we saw moving in the first section, e.g., 'A woman in pink,' 'A white car,' A white car and a red car.' The shots are of different lengths; sometimes the visual is longer than the sound track and sometimes the visual cuts off the sound before the list of moving people and cars is complete.
Source: David James "Six Films by Ken Feingold," Journal of the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art; Number 14, April 1977 ]