The Game


Dir. Pat Rocco, video (orig 16mm) Color Sound 00:07:00

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A fantasia of handsome men playing strip poker in a field...
Rocco began his professional career as a singer with his own radio program in the late 1940s; he went on to record an album of devotional music for Cornerstone Records and ministered for Youth for Christ. His talent brought him to the professional stage in a number of musicals. During 1955 and 1956, he toured the country with Marge and Gower Champion and later sang as a member of the Top Twenty singers on The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show. Rocco returned to the stage at the Cabaret Concert Theater, Los Angeles where he gained back stage experience. He started filming a large number of gay-themed films – short dramas, nudies, documentaries, and more, many of which screened theatrically in Los Angeles at the Park Theater by Macarthur Park, particularly from 1968-1972. He currently lives in Hawaii.