The Mom Tapes


Dir. Ilene Segalove , Video Color and B/W Sound 00:26:52

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Segalove takes her mom as subject in these short pieces, recording her stories, her advice, and her daily routine. What results is a portrait of a contemporary mother-daughter relationship, touchingly devoid of drama and full of whimsical humor. For example, in one piece Ilene’s mother laments over a pair of shoes her daughter has chosen to hang on the wall instead of wear, saying,”With you, everything is art.” In another segment the camera focuses on a pair of unoccupied, overstuffed chairs. The voice of a teenage girl whines, “Mom, I’m bored—” then proceeds to reject each of her mother’s suggestions by throwing objects across the room: books, food, sports equipment, the telephone, and so forth. The original running time for this piece is 26:52; this is a 3:35 excerpt for this anthology."
[Source: Video Data Bank Online]