The Time Beyond Thought

1966 - 2000

Dir. Peter Mays, 16mm & Video Color Sound 00:23:00

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The sixties kids are hanging out. An Angel appears who stops time. The kids follow him into an underground fantasy. They go through numerous adventures (only one "sleeper" scene was shot), and wind up at the center of the earth. Here the Angel sedates each kid and then kills himself. From the Angel's blood arises a naked vampire girl who slits each kid's throat. Then the god of the underworld raises the kids as zombies preparatory to eating them. One girl escapes to tell the tale. Partially shot in 1966, the climax was released in 1968 as NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE. In 2000 the original film was reconstructed in video with the original title.
[Source: The Printable Filmography of Peter Mays]

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