The Weak Bullet


Dir. , Video Color Sound 00:12:30

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Told with raw eccentricity and grotesque humor, The Weak Bullet is an ironic tale in which the trajectory of the eponymous bullet propels a bizarre narrative of social rupture and sexual paranoia. Oursler takes the viewer on a delirious, psychodramatic odyssey through a nightmarish landscape that is part Caligari, part splatter film, and mostly his own outrageously perverse internal universe. As it winds its way through Oursler's world, the subversive bullet acts as a disruptive phallus that both castrates and impregnates. The miniaturized, crudely rendered sets house an expressionistic theater that is distinguished by Oursler's ingenious visual shorthand, narrative disjunctions, and typically droll, stream-of-consciousness text.
[Source: EAI catalog]