Time Is


Dir. , 16mm Color Sound 00:30:00

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produced for the Nuffield Foundation Unit for the History of Ideas. The abstract concept of Time is demonstrated and discussed in this film through the use of the most imaginative audio-visual techniques ever put on film. As a result, what might have been merely a mundane information film becomes instead one of the finest examples of pure film -art produced to date. [Source CFS 1975 Catalog]Man's struggle to understand the concept of time. -co-produced, directed, scripted, photographed, edited. ¥ Bronze Medal - Venice 1964 ¥ Grand Prix - Montevideo 1964 ¥ Silver Boomerang - Melbourne 1964 ¥ Special Award - Montreal 1965 [Source http://donlevyproject.com/docs/DON%20LEVY%20FILMOGRAPHY.pdf]