Uncle Walt


Dir. Robert Swarthe, 16mm or 35mm Color Sound 00:08:00

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Pictures of Walt Disney at various ages were followed by a pan across a graveyard showing the graves of hundreds of Perris (Disney produced in 1957 a live action fantasy about the life of squirrels titled "Perri"), then there are scenes with very early-style Mickey and Minnie Mouse with racial caricatures and outhouse gags, a Fantasia sequence including the female centaurettes working a red light district with Goofy as a pimp, a scene of frightened little rabbit children looking at scenes from Disney cartoons like the transformation of the queen into the old hag in Snow White, and a scene of the Seven Dwarfs gathering to worship Mickey Mouse in a "Mouse-ka-mausoleum" reminiscent of a similar scene in Snow White.Sounds like one of the many infamous and legendary gag reels put together by tired or disgruntled Disney animators that people have claimed to see at private screenings?However, the truth behind this mystery is that the film, "Uncle Walt," was not made at Disney but was an independent film made in 1964 (not 1954) by Bob Swarthe who started working on the film while he was in high school and was part of the UCLA Animation Workshop. Swarthe went on to greater success as a professional animator, even being nominated for an Academy Award for his work on Star Trek - The Motion Picture.
[Source: Wade Simpson "Disney Cartoons that Aren't Disney"]