Venice Pier


Dir. Gary Beydler, 16mm Color Sound 00:16:30

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This film creates the unusual effect of moving forward in space (down the pier) and forward and backward in time. I filmed it on the public fishing pier at the end of Washington Blvd. in Venice, California. The pier, a concrete structure approximately 1200 feet long, has stress cracks every 12 feet its entire length. In preparation for the film I made a large chart with every crack numbered to a total of 105. I then filmed 4-30 second scenes at each numbered crach with the camera mounted on a tripod facing the ocean. The scenes were shot in random order over a period of a year in various weather conditions and times of day. These segments were edited together in correct numerical order so as to give the effect of slowly progressing to the end of the pier in small steps. - Gary Beydler