Vicious Cycles


Dir. , , , 16mm Color Sound 00:07:00

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Premiered on the original Dick Van Dyke TV Special, this is a hilarious spoof of the Hells Angels type of motorcyclists, using the live action/stop motion 'pixillation' technique pioneered by Norman McLaren in Two Bagatelles, Neighbors, and a Chairy Tale. An outstanding program lightener, this has proven to be oneo f the most popular films in the CFS library, both in terms of rentals and sales, including sales to American, German, and Japanese television, and the Nederlands Film museum... 'A motorcycle gang walks out of a tavern into the sunlight and heads for its 'bikes' stopping long enough to rough up a hard-hatted workman -- thus this spoof of commercial motorcycle movies is off to a roaring start. By the device of pixillation, the chracters are animated so that they whiz along the highway with the mighty racket of engines, but without motorcycles. They spend their time much as any normal gang might -- picking up a gum-chewing broad, drag-racing a meek scooter club, and trying to evade enraged highway patrolment. A clever entertaining student-produced parody that will be of interest to film technique classes a well as an amusing and popular addition to many public library film programs.' - American Library Association 'The Booklist.'
[Source: Creative Film Society Catalogue, 1975]