Who's Afraid of Murakami Wolf?


Dir. , Teru (Jimmy) Murakami, 16mm Color Sound 00:45:00

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A special festival of outstanding creative cartoons by Fred Wolf and Teru (Jimmy) Murakami of Murakami-Wolf Films, the hottest producers in the field since UPA. The festival consists of the following of their films: Mr. Hyde (Fred Wolf, 1964), The Violinist (Ernest Pintoff/Jimmy Murakami, 1964), The Insects (Murakami, 1964), The Bird (Wolf, 1965), The Top (Murakami, 1965), Aries (Wolf, 1967), Breath (Murakami, 1967), and The Box (Wolf, 1967). [Source: Creative Film Society Catalog, 1975]