Dir. Joel Singer, , Color Sound 00:05:00

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Looked at silently, WINDOWSMOBILE could be seen as a natural extension of many of the concerns (especially the time-lapse portions) found in Glyphs. There is the preoccupation with the well composed frame, the light changes contrasts with the different times of day. Windowmobile is a shot fro ma single viewpoint, camera pointed out a window with grass and shrubs being predominant in the background. In the window surface there is a constant reflection from a window in a different part of the house. As a result, there is a picture-within-a-picture by which we see various goings-on in the house, the movements from room to room of its inhabitants as well as some antics performed especially for the the camera. What is being recorded by the camera is a play of light as a result of the relative differences of intensity between the light outside and the reflected light from the room. Various times of day and night are presented in a spirit of visual elegence. WIth the addition of hte soundtrack, however, windowmoble becomes a completely different experience. It is a celebration of the life being lived by two men . There is a whole new level represented by Broughton's life philosophy in the poetry and the landscape begins to lose its abstractness and becomes a real garden populated by real frogs.