Dennis Pies

1947 Artist

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Sky David (formerly known as Dennis Pies) was born in 1947 near Terre Haute, Indiana and he lived there until his family moved to Texas in 1955. His father was an engineer for Texas Instruments and also ran an auto shop, where, as a boy, Sky excelled at machine work, as well as being a gifted illustrator. In 1965, he enrolled in Texas Tech but shortly after enlisted in the military and started basic training in 1966 at Fort Hood as an infantryman. He went to Vietnam and was in active battle as a sniper, an experience that has continued to inform his work as an artist. Returning from Vietnam, Sky became more involved with art making and drawing and enrolled in CalArts in 1971 and studied extensively with Jules Engel. His award-winning animated films have screened at the Festival of Abstract Film in Paris, France, Independent Filmmakers Exposition in New York, the World Festival of Animation in Zagreb, Croatia, Ann Arbor Film Festival, International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart, Germany, The Black Maria Film Festival, among others. He has taught animation at Harvard University, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Sky David currently provides lymphatic therapy for people with cancer using the HEMO-SONIC LYMPH-LIGHT that he invented.