Eugene Timiraos


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Eugene Timiraos (sometimes known as Fazulito Reet) was born in La Habana,
Cuba in the middle of the twentieth century and emigrated to the USA
(sometimes known as the Untied States of Amnesia) in the 1960's, where he
continues to reside. He has a BA from Occidental College in Los Angeles,
where he was fortunate enough the meet and fall under the tutelage of the
great artist and film-maker Chick Strand. He was also fortunate to attend
the UCLA film/video school during the heady "punk rock" era, where he
received a MFA in film & video, and where he worked as the great film-maker
and schmoozer-extraordinaire Shirley Clarke's teaching assistant for three
years. He would also like to thank the playwright Tom Stoppard, as he was
introduced to & seduced by the art-microbe known as DADA through the
innocent act of attending a performance of Mr. Stoppard's play "Travesties"
as a freshman at Occidental. The rest, as some say, is history.
- Bio Courtesy Eugene Timiraos