Jeffery Perkins


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Jeffery Perkins is an experimental filmmaker and fluxus artist. Perkins was born in New York and attended high school in Springfield, Massachusetts. Perkins met Yoko Ono when stationed in Tokyo as an Air Force medic and temporarily lived with her when he returned to New York in 1966, a period when he also became actively involved in New York's fluxus community. He collaborated with Tony Cox on the film SHOUT (Fluxus Film # 22) and shot Yoko Ono's film BOTTOMS (Fluxus Film # 4). In the late 1960s he moved to Los Angeles with SKI PARTY star Bobbi Shaw and got a job as a projectionist at the Cinematheque 16 on the Sunset Strip where he met Peter Mays. He performed in Mays' film SISTER MIDNIGHT and collaborated with Mays, David Lebrun, Michael Scroggins and Larry Janss on Single Wing Turquoise Bird, a popular psychedelic light show. His more recent works include S series of taxicab recordings called FILMS FOR THE BLIND and the film THE PAINTER SAM FRANCIS.