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Starting out as a conventional filmmaker, Rene Daalder has written and directed 6 feature films as well as numerous television and music related projects, in Europe, the US and Canada. In his native Holland he worked as a team with Jan de Bont, made numerous films with Dutch documentary filmmaker Frans Bromet, and wrote several screenplays with his frequent collaborator Rem Koolhaas. Together they made some highly acclaimed, award winning movies, culminating in Daalder's directorial feature film debut THE WHITE SLAVE.

Often operating at the cutting edge of his medium and heavily involved with special effects, software development and music, Daalder has gained worldwide recognition as a pioneer of Virtual Reality and digital motion picture technologies. His Los Angeles based company American Scenes Inc consults for computer imaging studios all over the world and develops technology-driven TV show formats as well as groundbreaking community driven website projects, i.e. with interaction designer Folkert Gorter, which has been publicly launched in 2008.

His teenage cult classic MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH, acknowledged as one of the most influential films ever to deal with high school terror, will be re-released in 2008, along with his science fiction drama, Hysteria, starring Patrick McGoohan (THE PRISONER) and Amanda Plummer (PULP FICTION).

As a writer, Grammy-nominated director (and sometime music producer), he worked with a wide range of musicians and bands, from the Sex Pistols to Supertramp, and from Metallica to Beck and Bob Dylan.

Daalder has recently completed a feature length version of Here Is Always Somewhere Else, a critically acclaimed documentary feature about Dutch/Californian conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader who in the 1970's disappeared at sea. In 2006 the TV version of the film was nominated for a Gouden Kalf (the Dutch equivalent of an Academy Award). That same year, an exhibition in Amsterdam's gallery De Appel about Gravity Art co-curated by Daalder, was one of the best attended art shows in the Netherlands in years. A similarly themed show he curated for Los Angeles Telic Arts Exchange in 2008 was highly acclaimed as a groundbreaking arts event.

A sci-fi documentary inspired by the life and times of Timothy Leary, called The Terrestrials, is currently in post-production, and a feature length portrait of his friend architect Rem Koolhaas will be completed later in 2008. Pre-production is planned to start this year on Strawberry Fields, a computer animated musical feature film and gaming event for which Daalder and his partners have secured the rights to 40 Beatles songs.

As a contributing editor Daalder's articles on the future of digital cinema, computers, art and architecture appear on a regular basis in various art magazines (i.e. Contemporary, Modern Painters, etc) and on His book contributions have been published by MIT Press, Taschen Books and Rizzoli. He is currently lecturing at major universities and art schools in America and Europe about The Future of Everything.

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