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Roberta Friedman has had a wide and varied media career, with work spanning a large assortment of film and video productions, which have been shown extensively in the United States and Europe. Her projects have ranged from the commercial, such as her work for George Lucas on STAR WARS and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, to the esoteric, with experimental work – such as her interactive video THE ERL KING, which was acquired by the Guggenheim Museum for its permanent collection.

As an independent filmmaker, she has produced and directed many short films, receiving grant funding (including NYSCA, NEA, a BFI Filmmaking Grant, Australian Film Commission grant) and winning awards at various festivals (including Athens International Festival, Sinking Creek Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, FILMEX). She had a two-evening retrospective of her work in December 2009 at the Millennium Film Workshop, and KANDINSKY: A CLOSER LOOK, a film she produced with her partner Grahame Weinbren, was shown weekly from September 2009 through January 2010 as part of the Kandinsky retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum. Her film, BERTHA’S CHILDREN, screened at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2008, and her film FUTURE PERFECT, screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival in January 2008. Her experimental films are in the collection of the Australian National Film Library and have been selected to be preserved and housed by the Academy of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, Calif.

Friedman has extensive production and post-production television and documentary credits. She worked with Michael Moore on THE AWFUL TRUTH, his weekly documentary series for Bravo Channel and Britain’s Channel 4 in the U.K. She has worked for HBO, Bravo, A&E, WNET, Channel 4 and more. She was the executive producer of HERE! FAMILY, a television series about gay, lesbian and transgender families, currently being broadcast on the HERE! Network, and out on DVD in 2006. She produced the biography of Stockard Channing for Bravo, and produced and developed a one-hour weekly series – ID: IT’S DANCE! – an issue-based, rock-and-roll weekly dance/talk show for WWOR.

She is currently producing a documentary film about the 1980s band, DEVO.

[Source: Montclair State University Faculty Webpage]