An Evening of Student Films


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The Fourth Semi-Annual "An Evening of Student Films"

Four years ago it was decided to arrange a public showing of recent films completed by students in the Motion Picture Division. Since that time annual screenings have been offered. Now, with public interest increasing, and in order to keep up with what is being produced, it is necessary to present these programs semi-annually.

All of the films presented this evening have been completed this semester -- this is their premiere showing. As always, the selection has been difficult. Not everyone likes the same kind of films, and film-makers are as prone to disagreements as is the general public. Tonight's films were made under different conditions, at different stages of student development, and with different resources. Seven films are from the Beginning Workshop, where the principal photography is completed in one day. Four are from the Advanced Workshop, having a shooting schedule of four days or more. The Animation Workshop is represented by two films; and two are from the Summer Workshop which is similar to the Beginning Workshop.

We have attempted, in this selection, to do two things -- create a balanced program, and give a representative view of a very complex curriculum.