An Homage to Samson De Brier


Location: Theatre Vanguard
9014 Melrose Avenue , Los Angeles, California 90069

Time: 7:30 & 9:30 pm

Day: Wednesday


Lord Shiva, The Magician, wakes. A convocation of Theurgists in the guise of figures from mythology bearing gifts: The Scarlet Woman, Whore of Heaven, smokes a big fat joint; Astarte of the Moon brings the wings of snow: Pan bestows the bunch of Bacchus; Hecate offers the Sacred Mushroom, Yage, Wormwood Brew. The vintage of Hecate is poured: Pan's cup is poisoned by Lord Shiva. The Orgia ensues: a Magick masquerade party at which Pan is the prize. Lady Kali blesses the rites of the Children of the Light as Lord Shiva invokes the Godhead with the formula, 'Force and Fire.' Dedicated to the Few, and to Aleister Crowley; and to the Crowned and Conquering Child. [Source: Theatre Vanguard Program Notes, 1974]