Artist's Film and Video Tapes: Film Program

3/11/1977 - 3/13/1977

Location: Plitt's Century Plaza Theaters ABC Entertainment Center, Century City


Artist's Films & Video Tapes: A six part program produced in association with the Long Beach Museum of Art, made possible by a grant from the William and Mary Greve Foundation (Coordinated by David Ross) 'If there is one significant tendency that can be observed in the work of contemporary artists it is that they seem to have synthesized the intelligence and emotions of a highly complex culture into a set of attitudes that have allowed them to break free from the media-defined careers and critically defined concerns that have characterized artists of previous generations. The growth of these attitudes is perhaps best reflected in the apparent ease with which artists have adopted the tools of filmmaking and television production and (in the face of a veritably nonexistent support system) have produced a body of work that reflects in mood and purpose the full range of concerns evident in art today. This program of artists' films and videotapes is an attempt to bring a selection of this new work to a wider audience. This program would not have been possible without the generosity of Leo Castelli and Illena Sonnabend, the participating artists and especially the director of Castelli-Sonnabend Videotapes and Films, Joyce Neraux.' - David A. Ross [Source: FilmEx Program Notes, 1977]