FilmEx Society


A society consisting of a year round and event-specific staff that programmed and planned The Los Angeles International Film Exposition.

The 1976 program notes declared:

'The Los Angeles International Film Exposition: The World's largest public film event is presented by the Filmex Society in association with the City of Los Angeles with the cooperation of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The American Film Institute, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Film schools of UCLA, USC, Cal-Arts and Loyola'

'The Los Angeles International Film Exposition is a non-competitive, 15 day, annual event. Representing the entire cinematic spectrum- old and new, feature length and short, major studio and independent, animation and live action, professional and student films- the Exposition provides opportunities for Southern California audiences to see motion pictures not usually available to them. The concurrent screenings of these diverse films and the intermingling of the distinctly different audiences they attract in an unusual and, we think, rewarding experience.'

[Source: International Film Exposition Program Notes, 1976]

Screening Venues

Plitt's Century Plaza Theatres, ABC Entertainment Center, Century City


Exhibitions and Screening