Jules Engel


Location: Plitt's Century Plaza Theaters ABC Entertainment Center, Century City

Day: Saturday


Jules Engel is an award-winning painter, printmaker, sculptor and filmmaker whose work has been exhibited internationally. One of the most gifted teachers of filmmaking currently at work in this country, he has headed the department of Experimental Animation/ Film Graphics at the California Institute of the Arts (CAL Arts) since its creation in 1969. In the early 1960s Engel lived in Paris , where he made experimental live-action and abstract films, and worked in French theater as a director and set designer. Upon returning to the United States, he produced film on artists, continued his own artistic career, and explored the deep, private easel of abstract cinema. Engel has stated 'My aim is to discover and not to solve problems. It is to find things you didn't know existed! My concern is not so much with texture as with shapes of all kinds in their multiplicity. Their relationships and their capacity for metamorphosis - the way forms are related and made dynamic through motion. The emphasis then, is on the development of a visual dynamic language, independent of literature and theatrical traditions.' Mr. Engel will be present, and will engage in a dialogue with the audience during the screening. [Source: FilmEx Program Notes, 1978]