OASIS selects itself


Location: Eye Music, 80 Langston St., San Francisco


The Los Angeles Independent Film Oasis is a loose-knit body of enthusiasts that was organized in 1976 to screen independent film, a term that in practice has been constructed in a broad sense. Many of the members (a needlessly formal term) are themselves filmmakers, although this is hardly a prerequisite. This program was assembled by giving each member of Oasis, filmmaker or not, the chance to select a film made by another member. Picking a film obliged the person to whose it to write a brief note. Not every member exercised the opportunity to make a selection, and there are film-making members of Oasis whose work is not represented here. So, the program represents the tastes of individual Oasis members; it odes not suggest a consensus or majority opinion. In any case it does not reflect the full scope of the film-making activities of its members.
[Source: Los Angeles Independent Film Oasis Program Notes, 1977]