I Told You So


Dir. Alan Kondo, 16mm B/W Sound 00:18:00

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A documentary on Lawson Inada, this black-and-white film weaves scenes of this Japanese American poet's life with his writing. Titled after one of his poems, I TOLD YOU SO follows Inada, now a professor of English at Southern Oregon University, back for a childhood reunion in Fresno, California. The multi-cultural neighborhood is seen in shots of the downtown graffiti bar, and the Nisei Barber Shop. Inada runs into his aunt at the local fish market, the subject of one of his poems, where she asks, 'All this identity thing. What is it you're looking for?' Indad's answer is in his verse from NIGHTSONGS IN ASIAN AMERICA on the active resistance to World War II incarceration, and also in his relationship with his son.