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Alan Kondo, a specialist in retirement and estate planning, is a Certified Financial Planner™ ("CFP"), Chartered Life Underwriter ("CLU"), Certified Exit Planner ("CExP") and a Registered Investment Advisor. His firm, Kondo Wealth Advisors, LLC ("KWA"), provides advisory services for retirement planning, estate planning, charitable planning and business exit planning, as well as asset management and risk management.

Alan is a regular columnist in the Rafu Shimpo and KaMai Forum on financial and estate planning topics. He is the author of the book Path to Antei, A Japanese American Guide to Financial Success and a contributing author on Giving: Philanthropy for Everyone.

Alan received his Bachelor's degree at the University of Toronto, and his Master's degree from Loyola Marymount University. Originally from Toronto, Canada, he is married to Ruth Wakabayashi, a retired teacher with the Los Angeles Unified School District. They have three daughters, Kimiko, Akemi and Masayo. He continues to give his time and talent generously to community organizations such as Keiro Senior Healthcare, Little Tokyo Service Center, Japanese American Community and Cultural Center, Japanese American National Museum, East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center, and Japanese American Cultural and Community Center Northern California.

Alan was a recipient of the Steven Tatsukawa Memorial Fund Award, given to individuals committed to the development of the Asian Pacific American community. He was a key creative force in Visual Communications, an Asian Pacific media and resource center. Alan received Transamerica’s “Leading Producers” award, “Distinguished Pinnacle Club Growth” award and “Outstanding Advisory Services Achievement” award. Additionally, Kondo Wealth Advisors was Transamerica's #1 Advisory Firm in 2010. KWA became an independent Registered Investment Advisor in 2011 motivated by Alan's goal to give clients the best services and financial strategies available.