FILMVID: Los Angeles Independent Film and Video Week


Program notes for the event read:

FILMVID brings together several diverse independent film and video organizations in a five day event dedicated to diversity. While it is important that such work remain uninstitutionalized in order retain autonomy and identity, it is also important that the public (as well as other film and video artists) be aware of what is going on. Toward the goal of the California Museum of Science and Industry is hosting FILMVID: Independent Film and Video Week, in which each participating organization is given the curatorial opportunity to program its portion of the event. It is not competitive and there are no prizes. Many films and tapes to be shown will be making Los Angeles premieres, and in many cases the filmmakers and video artists will be available for further discussion. Admission is $1 per film program, a donation which goes to the filmmakers. All Film programs take place in Kinsey Auditorium (seating capacity 500) with seating on a first come basis; Video events take place in the adjacent Hall of Health Theatre with a seating capacity of 100.
[Source: FILMVID Program Notes, 1977]

This event was collaboratively hosted by the L.A. Filmmaker's Showcase, The California Museum of Science and Industry, Focal Point, Independent Film Oasis, The Los Angeles Cinematheque, The Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences, Pasadena Film Forum and Theatre Vanguard. William J. McCann was museum director, Michael Mock was director of programs. The FilmVid committee was Tee Bosustow, Terry Cannon, Paul Challacombe, Douglas Edwards, Roberta Friedman, Marilyn Emerzian, Michael Saunders, Ronald Shelton, Grahame Weinbren.

Screening Venues

California Museum of Science and Industry

700 State Drive Los Angeles, CA



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