Eastern Influences


Location: Haymarket, 715 S. Parkview Los Angeles

Notes: World Premiere of Projection Instructions.

Day: Sunday


Investing words or images with extra meaning tends, paradoxically, to weaken the connection between signifier and what is signified; puns have a proclivity to render semantically impotent the words from which they are constituted. As the link of language to thought disintegrates, however, it becomes easier to see the signs for the grunts and squiggles they really are. Recent filmmakers have exploited this facet of equivocation, constructing projectibles in such a way that alternative readings are simultaneously possible, and thereby enabling the viewer to look at their works as no more, no less than illusionistic plays of light and shadow. Jon Rubin, for example, exaggerates the surface structure of the image until it both reveals and conceals what has been photographed; while Barry Gerson composes with pure light and shadow; leaving only a narrow cleft for dense images of falling water. Both Rubin and Gerson elucidate film itself through the sue of ambiguity; and all the films on this program, in one way or another, have cinema as their main subject
[Source: Los Angeles Independent Film Oasis Program Notes, 1976]