LA Independent Film Oasis in Pasadena


Day: Monday


The LA Independent Film Oasis is a loose-knit body of enthusiasts that was organized in 1976 to screen indpendent film, a term that in practice has been constructed in the broadest sense. Many of the members (a needlessly formal term) are themselves filmmakers, although this is hardly a prerequisite. This program was assembled by giving each member of Oasis, filmmaker or not, the chance to select a film made by another member. Picking a film obliged the person who chose it to write a brief note. Not every member exercised the opportunity to make a selection, and there are filmmaking members of the Oasis whose work is not represented here. So, the program represents the tastes of individual Oasis members without suggesting unanimity or even majority opinion. In any case it should be evident that the full range of films made by Oasis members cannot be adequately represented by so brief a program.[Source: Filmforum Program Notes 7/11/77]